Lukion yhteisöllisyyttä joustavin yksilöllisin oppimispoluin

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Dynamic learning paths

The aim is to create individual and dynamic learning paths for upper secondary school math studies and for other subjects, too. Completing a course and proceeding/advancing to the next can be done at any point of a period.

The idea derives from the #HackEd project where courses could be completed in a flexible way, for instance, by taking an exam at an individually suitable time. Therefore, the model could reduce the number of failed courses. Furthermore, the model should encourage students to advance with their studies instead of not completing their courses.


Collaborative learning

The difference between collaborative learning and cooperative learning is that with collaborative learning no individual member is accountable to the team/group. Each member may utilize the group and share with it as much as they feel the need to/for.

A continuous path allows the group to remain the same throughout upper secondary school, providing great possibilities for developing it.

The focus should be on enhancing the sense of community through various grouping methods in the first weeks on the learning path

The sense of community in and outside of classroom can be boosted with the help of ICT, regardless of (the learning) space.


Developing educational videos

An educational video will not replace a teacher. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for aiding and supporting learning processes.

The problem with (watching) the videos is that the students may not focus properly on watching them, and watching the videos might not even be completed at all. Furthermore, watching a video can often be rather passive.

The solution is to try to make educational videos short and to the point, and to activate the students by adding communicativity into to the videos with the help of, for example, the tools provided by H5P.


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  • Jukka Kalliolehto
  • Project Manager
  • jukka.kalliolehto(ät)
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  • Mathematics and IT Teacher
  • Kannas Upper Secondary School